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Sorry for the sentence construction. There's some academic grammatical name for the use of that construction but I can't remember it.

In sum: He and others like him thrive on cheap labor. If you look at his designs, they really are arbitrarily but interestingly decorated boxes. The floor plans themselves can be quite ordinary, but they work. He's not a Wright or Corbusier.

There are several "black cape" architects who have built their careers on free or nearly free intern labor. Philip Johnson, back in the day, wouldn't "hire" anyone (for peanuts) who's parents weren't the potential source of a commission. When I interviewed with him, the first question he asked, and the only one he was interested in, was "What does your father do?" A good friend, who's daddy was fabulously Texas-style wealthy, did get a "job" with him ... and Philip Johnson designed the Houston Art Museum. Probably no connection.
Philip Johnson was a Nazi of the inth degree.
A seriously creepy guy who liked watching other guys..... play.
A damned fine architect in some regards, but very much like Wright, and others of his stature and in his era, very egotistical, and somewhat brutal, both physically, and............... Not emotionally, exactly, but..... sort of. These guys didn't care what they said to their hirelings, or the craftsmen who put together the places, and parts that they drew on paper.

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