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This is my first one - my sister called it "den of iniquity on wheels"
I hope you banged herre beste frende in it..... :)

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The Hindenburg letter (now in a museum) is a prized example of a macabre side of airmail philately called "Crash Post", That is, mail recovered after an "interrupted flight" or aircraft crash event. A little ghoulish, but each a bit of history.

In the US, if the mail was whole it would be stamped "interrupted flight" along with a location/date. Else, identifiable elements would be sent in a "Official Business" envelope. Other countries used different systems.

...The mail must go through...


From an Imperial Airways flying boat crash

Courtesey lostflights.com
David Sassoon was a member of one of the world's richest families, I believe his sister married a Rothschild. He was one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest collector of important jewish texts. A nearly complete Jewish Bible he owned sold for $38 million a couple of weeks ago.

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