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earths surface

Lucas's coming of age opus was filmed 50 years ago.


Filmed with a Techniscope Cameflex. That's Haskell Wexler with the pipe.


They quickly had to borrow a local Techniscope Arriflex when someone dropped the American Zoetrope Cameflex to keep filming for the day.




We owe more to francis Coppola than we will ever know for supporting so many filmmakers we still love today.

Point Break

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Long Beach, California
Sikorsky. Funny story…at least to me. Worked a fire in the Tahquitz National Forest. Fire camp was in a meadow down in the flats and the fire was up around 6,000 - 7,000 feet. So every morning (I worked day shift on that fire) they would fly my division up to the drop point in a high meadow. More than one contract helo did the work but the one we had was an ancient Sikorsky……private contracted ship…..…it was painted purple. We called it “Barney”.

So every morning at shift change about 15-18 of us would load up with gear for the flight up to the drop point (DP) in a high meadow. Barney was clearly not built for big loads at high altitudes and on the way up you could tell it really struggled. Our route up to the DP was through a saddle in the range at about 5000 feet. On the way through the narrow saddle there were steep peaks on either side that towered above the saddle. We’d land and unload hot, then the night shift would jump in and fly back down to camp for chow and crawl into their tents for some sleep. From the meadow that was the DP we would then hike uphill through the timber and brush for about 30 minutes to get to our division. Then get to work building line till it was time to hike down and fly out as the night shift flew in. Did this for two weeks….each time I wondered if Barney would shake apart but it always got it done.

My favorite story from that assignment was the first morning we hopped into Barney. After the daily safety briefing and weight checks we were climbing in. The interior is kinda odd. Forward of the passenger compartment which is just a big open deck below the rotor assembly is the “cockpit”. It’s completely open but well above the passenger compartment. All you could see were the pilots legs at about our eye level. As I get in the deck is a little slippery. I notice it’s hydraulic fluid. I point it out to the crew chief and he smiles and says “Not to worry. If you get in and there’s none on the deck then get out because it means there’s none in the bird.”

I have no idea if that’s true but it gave me a moment of pause.

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