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White Lightning2

COR (Coronary Observation Radio) and drug box when I started as a paramedic in 1976.

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Plano 727 tackle box!!! (IIRC) We were still using them when I started in '83. Still using them up here til about 2010.
Dial up the phone and wait!

Interesting thing about those phones was that they were all recorded and played at run review. You quickly learned that you didn't sound nearly as calm, at that moment, as you thought you were!!!


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I'll say!!!!!
My parents ditched me when I was in school and I had a hard time sleeping in my 61 bug. 747s were the new benchmark in commercial aviation and the public hadn't caught on yet so the airlines were trying to get butts in the seats. Two of those incentive programs were the 'stand-by and red-eye' ticket options. Stand-by meant no real ticket except only if a seat was available. Red-eye were the midnight flights. If you combined Red-eye with Stand by you were taking your chances but if you hooked up you were flying to Hawaii for $25.
My first Red eye Stand by flight was from LAX to Honolulu. The passenger list was me and another surfer dude. There were 6 stewardess...... I was 17 and the drinks started before we left the tarmac, which is a no no, and then became a tour of that upstairs area which descended into games of hide and go seek though out the plane. The other guy drank too much and made a mess but I got to 'join a club' three times.
Best mutha fukin $25 I ever spent!

Well, that's one way to stash your pocket square when you are going informal.

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