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If it's a hinge failure, then the hinge was improperly inspected before flight. If a forgotten pin... well let's just say that in either case a crew chief is going to put his foot up some poor swabbie's ass. Probably several somebodies.

My dad flew these things in training, never deployed with them. He said they were heinous bitches to fly and the torque made them difficult to handle on the ground, too. But the good news is, they were real easy to get out of and he mentioned several accidents with them where the pilot (squadron mates, not himself) got clear.
I know that some of the torque issues were a result of the three vs. four blade props. (not discounting the huge rotary engine). I like blue they were painted, the beefy look(same reason I like the thunderbolt as well). I just admire the whole thing like a broadsword vs a rapier (Mustang, Spitfire) My grandfather flew lightnings in the pacific (step granddad) married my grandmother in like 1972 when I was eight. Flew A-26 invader in Korea, was a mailman after until he retired. I recall having the help clean his house when they got married he was a lifelong bachelor and had copies of the boston globe going back decades, he would read it front to back at breakfast and do all the puzzles as well. Used to take me to the VFW with him and candlepin bowling with the little bowling balls(boston thing). Knew the whole town where he worked and was a low key badass helping people out etc.


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Love me some Corbett's, but the surrounding chutes were more fun..
Yeah, at Taos people talked about Al's and Stauffenberg, both basically tourist runs. I'll take Fabian and Elevator.

At 68, even if I end up in Jackson, I don't believe Corbett's is on the menu for me anymore.

Headed up tomorrow to start the ski-into-shape process in anticipation of heliskiing with CMH in February.


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Somehow this shot seems rife with both tragic and humorous possibility!

ETA, maybe rife wasn't the correct word. Perhaps fraught was more what I was reaching for.


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