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This is a great shot of where I really started getting serious about my sailing career! Our Navy Sailing Club facility was situated on that peninsula originating just above dead center of the frame and extending to the right. The club was on what they called 'the mole' and was just before the mole takes a 45 degree turn to the left. This photo has to be pre 1970 because you can still see the Circle Pier and the Fishing Club up towards the top in Long Beach. I think there is a bigger suspension bridge from San Pedro at the Port of LA. I was not permitted to sail our Coronado 15 sloops out into the open water when I first started sailing there but I found a loophole in their zone and qualifying regs that let me leave the club and sail into the industrial areas at the top of the scene and the take a left and sail all the way counter-clockwise around to the lower left hand corner to San Pedro. I felt like I had completed a circumnavigation of the world at the time!
I googled this photo and found it to be from 1964. Great link for how the LA-Long Beach harbors came about.



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No they are all from the last couple of years, the older ones are open and on display in the basement or in some boxes there. I still have the old track from when I was a kid that is in 3 feet long sections instead of the foot long ones you get today. My kids would set it up going down the stairs and around the corner to the family room when they were younger. My wife says I can get a bunch of money for it but I said you can sell it when I'm dead. I started this collection buying car (vehicles) I liked 1 and 2 at a time when going to grocery store or Target/Walmart, limited it to cars I like/wanted and were real not some of the imaginary ones they make. By real I mean you could by them or see them in a movie ala various Batmobiles and james bond cars. I also picked cars I have owned or wanted to own. Hot wheels and matchbox are both made by mattel but they face different directions in the packages. Weird.