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Damn! In my youth, when all I had were various sailing dinghies, most of my female crew had no inhibitions and would readily soak up the rays, like this cutie, almost before we cleared the end of the jetty! Now, with a much larger boat, they show up with huge shoulder bags carrying a weeks worth of "sailing fashion cloths" and appear rather loath to go beyond a conservative two piece swim suit.....and even then they insist on wearing a gauzy sarong as an "accessory". I should just sell off the bigger boat and get me a nice Mistral 404 or similar!
the coorelations you are making may be spurious.


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Sir, this is the RPT, we don't want no highfalutin jargon here!



As a side note: We had actually been to Kennedy Space Center just a year or two before the Challenger disaster. We had a tour of the launch pad and saw and got in the cab of one of the two damnably huge crawler-transporters they used to move first Apollo, and then the Shuttle from the assembly building to the launch pad. Then we got to see the inside of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

For the record, the launch pad and Crawler are really freaking huge. Standing beside them you get a real sense of scale that you just can't appreciate from pictures. I felt the same way the first time I stood on a dock in Norfolk next to the battleship New Jersey, and even more so standing next to a carrier just a few docks over (Enterprise I think, but it's been 30 years so I'm not sure anymore.)

The inside of the assembly building though? That's just a fucking awesomely huge space. 8th largest building by volume in the world or something. I'm almost certain, however, that none of the larger buildings, or even others that are almost as big, have the same single story open space setup that the assembly building does. SOOO damn much space.
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I was out driving that morning and remembered that the shuttle was going to launch soon so I returned home. Just as the picture appeared on the TV the white exploding ball with streaks shooting up and out was the first thing I saw, I knew something was not right as the announcers were trying to process the unbelievable