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earths surface
I believe that’s a vw engine in an industrial application running an air compressor or a pump of some kind. I have built numerous aircooled vw motors both carbd and fi. This looks like some kind of mechanical fi. Just wild ass guessing. Unlike bmw in the states anyway vw skipped the mechanical fi and went straight to a very precise electronic fi which demanded very tight tolerances for valve clearance and timing to run smoothly. They quickly went to hydraulic valve lifters because the heads especially in the southwest us ran really hot and the valves very quickly went out of tolerance. With my 76 Westfalia if I wanted to not adjust the valves often I needed to go 55 on hot days. As romantic as the older vw buses are in cali history they were poorly specd for freeways and warm weather.


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Suwanee River


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I think that's actually photos from Columbia (2/1/2003)

From 1/28/1986:

Both horribly sad events. I watched almost all of the early shuttle launches, and had the misfortune to be watching live on that awful day in 1986. Just completely broke my heart.
I saw that from the st. Pete YC marina docks.

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This represents a generation of people bitching about kids and their participation awards, showing off all the medals they got for running 5ks.

I was thinking more like, Russian Generals...

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When I was in Ukraine on a week long two country disaster drill our team attended and Ukraine hosted, in Kharkiv specifically, there were any number of old guys walking around in their grey threadbare suit coats with a splash of medals on the outside over the pocket. Talked with one who spoke some English and he said they were medals awarded him when in the Red Army….he was very proud of his medals and very suspicious of us. There was a very different reception, welcoming from the government and younger Ukrainians and very not welcoming by the older Ukrainians who were ethic Russian. Interesting culture.

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