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Company I worked for years ago was nearly dead in the water due to meeting-itis. Fortunately, a couple of us were able to get funding to hire a consulting team to come in and review our meeting needs and processes. Also, fortunately, the consulting team did a whiz bang job of defining, streamlining and minimizing our over-meeting disease. Key points were:

- Meetings were run by a management facilitator not directly involved with the meeting's subject.
- Agendas and reporting assignments or action items were published 3 days in advance.
- Key questions to be answered and who would be answering were defined in the agenda.
- Everyone had a responsibility to speak either as assigned or in general discussion of points presented.
- General discussion of related but non-agendized points was limited to 15 minutes per item at the end of the meeting as time allowed. If something major surfaced or time ran out and no more time was available following the meeting, a new meeting would be immediately scheduled.
- Start time was sacrosanct - you'll not be admitted if you're late. Tardies became part of the performance review process and you could be removed from your position if excessive.
- Meetings were 90 minutes max.
- Facilitator kept official notes on a whiteboard that were defined and reviewed by all attendees as meetings unfolded.
- When a loggerhead was reached the facilitator had the power to end the debate after a few minutes of no progress and table the discussion for later resolution (if at all).

As Draconian as it may sound this system worked well - I think the entire staff was very frustrated and burned out on meetings and work in general prior to this. It helped that the new arrangement was presented to all involved in a clear and concise manner with an emphasis on "this is being put in place to help all of us". It wasn't used as a club. We became much more effective with new products hitting their release dates more accurately. Attitudes improved too.
I worked on the early F/A 18 Radar Test Set. I once was required to attend a meeting scheduling meetings...


Super Anarchist
Happy Friday Hobot, and Happy Friday Punters! I trust everyone is keeping well :giggle:
Its a bit of a vanity post this week. I had a random pic show up that bears a striking resemblance to a Poodle ex-GF from many years ago. Except I'm pretty sure that Ms Poodle ex-GF was definitely not born when Ms Friday had her photo taken!

See if you can guess which one she is. You might be surprised! ;)




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