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I've also poured for Shelby Materials and they only hold 9.5 yards.
The only time I've seen a truck hold more was when we used Blue Star concrete. They can hold 10 yards for some reason.
Here on the Left Coast, we have Class-A / tractor-trailer ready mix trucks that hold between 12 - 16 cubic yards. They didn't exist when I drove a mixer, but we did have rear discharge, 10 cubic yard trucks with tag/booster axles.

I drove for lots of smaller companies before landing a job with RMC Lonestar, which later became RMC Pacific Materials, and now Cemex.

It was a fun, challenging, and often times dangerous job that paid quite well (still does), but doing it for over 10 years led to me injuring my lower back and changing my life; not in a good way, forever.

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Different states have different load limits with regards to 8, 9, or 10 yards. Also a carrier can "spec" a lighter truck to have a higher payload capacity. And as you point out, some carriers go "overweight" regularly.
No scale between here and there? No problem! Can’t tell you the last time I saw a mobile cHP weigh station on a rural road. Lack of enforcement of tax and other laws is money down the drain, not just the lost fines but the unbridled wrecking of infrastructure and loss of peace in our communities with loud vehicles etc.