Raymarine GPS adaptor cable?

Borax Johnson

I have a burned out Raymarine A65 GPS and a not burned out Axiom 7" (older ~ 6-7 years old). I want to swap the Axiom for the A65. They both have the 3 pin power cable, but the Axiom has a 6 pin "STNG" port and a 10 pin "NETWORK" port. The A65 has a 5 pin "GPS" input. Any chance I can get these to talk with some form of adaptor?

If not, I am adding a new Axiom 9" in the place of the old 7", but I have to run the network cable - which is a pain in the butt.



Super Anarchist
What are you networking? I think the 9" Axiom has a built in GPS receiver. To network instruments from an older system, they are going to be SeaTalk most likely, and the Axiom doesn't talk SeaTalk. You will need the SeaTalk to STNg adapter black box, then you can probably hook the SeaTalk network to it using the existing cable at the location of the old A65. You will need to power the adapter (as is it a STNg/NMEA2000 type of device, but that can be done with the same power feed for the Axiom.