Ready for the end of (this part of) the world?

I am sure we can all agree, and by we I mean all of us arm chair volcanologists and geologists who can pontificate without reservation nor ramification, that this current event is going to reduce any built up pressure below ground, like so many small earthquakes reduce the likelyhood of "the big one" in SoCal earthquake events. Discuss

Unless it's BACKED UP So Much that this is Just Spillage before it Clogs and Swells till it Bursts

MEGA Tsunamis are like a Hard BREAK of racked Balls on a PoolTable

The direction headed is Just the 1st Direction

unless the earth actually is Flat

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Here's your guidebook:


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Only 12.5 miles inland?  We're OK.  Unless there's a reach around.

But from a capitalist POV, look at all those islands in the Caribbean, that will be free of brown people, to develop for white vacationers.
But who's going to put the little umbrellas in the drinks?