Recommend a ratchet crimper


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For what kind of connectors and what wire gauge? Do you mean standard crimp connectors? Heat shrink crimp connectors? Battery terminals?



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Many tools are specific to the brand of terminals used. Best results achieved by using tools made for the terminals.

This is an excellent article. I spent quite a few years in aerospace. The standard practice there is to develop a crimp schedule for every combination of terminal and wire by experimentally crimping, using a calibrated crimper,  and then pulling apart the crimped termination.

Pull strengths are adjusted by adding strands of wire to the wire end before crimping.


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I've had good luck with a Tool Aid one that was under $50, included 5 dies, and which easily takes other dies.  It isn't an Amp (which I've also used), but it works well and I've tested a lot of crimps that I've done with it.

A friend has an Ancor one that looks identical and the dies are interchangeable.



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No matter what crimp tool you get - Pull test every crimp after you make it. My personal preference is to use connectors without the plastic covers on the connector, just the metal, crimp the connector, pull test the wire, and then cover the connector with heat shrink.




One like this.  Not quite as nice as the Pro-HST, but you can buy alternative die sets, it also covers 8ga.    I like it better than the FTZ/generic parallel jaw ones, because it delivers a better crimp, and you can keep the handles closer together when working in tight spaces.   Bit more of a pain to get the barrel lined up exactly because the jaws are slightly wider than the FTZ/generics but with a little practice that becomes straightforward.


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OK, I’ll try to be more specific.

I’m undertaking the rewiring of a simple powerboat.  The wiring I’m doing will all be 10-14ga.  
these will handle everything you need...

can get them at home depot..   work great ,  you can buy different jaws for what you're crimping..  mines currently setup for the , red , blue, yellow  heat shrink crimp connections. which is what you want for you boat...

the die  i have ,  usually get the tool with a single die, dbl check which one it is before you buy

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I have used an Anchor one for years, does the 3 main sizes,  pink/blue/yellow and with the ratcheting action is great. For what you describe,  should work,  just did about a dozen crimps on my Whaler rewiring a few lights.  I use heat shrink connectors and back up with tubular heat shrink when needed.   YMMV.   



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It may be but I can tell you the Crimp Tech crimper is used for literally thousands of crimps on our industrial equipment daily for years. 


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