Refinish or replace washboards?

Oh @El Borracho, why didn’t I open with your suggestion of knocking them apart?

Heat stripped everything. Liberally swabbed with 70% isopropyl alcohol (which I was told does a great job of killing mildew in wood) then started sanding. It was at this moment I discovered that one of the glue joints was loose. So...

Knocked the whole thing apart and resumed sanding.

3 coats of Epifanes high gloss and I’m gonna stick ‘em back on and maybe touch them up in the fall. 

Like most refinishing, I expected the prep to take about 8x the finishing time. But these bastards are more like 20x. If you cannot knock them apart, build new ones. This is the last strip and refinish that I’ll do on these. I’ll maintain the varnish until they fail and I throw them out in favor of the acrylic washboards. 

That said, it was good practice for the next big ass varnishing project. 


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