Refreshing scuffed Awlgrip clear coat

My topsides are blue Awlgrip with a clear top coat.  The top coat is scuffed, but not back to the blue.  An Awlgrip tech rep says that the right way is to give it the ‘full Monte’ refinishing, from primer up.  That’s not in the budget.

Can I give it a full #320 sanding and roll&tip a coat or two of clear?

What PU clear  do y’all recommend?

Awlgrip, which can be brushed, is not buffable,    I haven’t been able to polish out the scuffing.
Awlcraft 2000, the other Awlgrip brand topcoat, is said to be  buffable, but not brushable.

The Awlgrip tech rep I talked with proclaimed solemnly that the only proper job is to go back to square 1 (primers).

My gut says that there has to be a PU clear topcoat that’ll adhere to existing cured Awlgrip, is brushable and buffable.



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I would seriously try this first:

2K clear coat in a spray can. This is how the DIY car painting world goes now. The topcoat (colour) paint can look average, but spray several coats of clear over it and it all looks nice and glossy. Lots of videos on Youtube to learn how to do it.

Wet sand @ 400 grit trying not to get into the blue. If the wet dust turns blue, stop.

If it doesn't work you are out $20 + some masking tape.



The 2-part PU Interlux Perfection can be re-coated by sanding with 320 like you plan.  It worked for me to redo some faded red.  I sanded the existing paint with 220-400 and repainted.   Did not go down to primer and reprime.  It was still quite a bit of work to take the topsides down to smooth matte paint everywhere.  Awlgrip is a similar paint so it should work too.

I think the issue would be what kind of gloss you get with 320 sanded paint with clear over it.  I wonder if the color coat being rough like that might make the result matte?



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Fleetwood said:
Our boatyard painter routinely rolls and tips new Awlgrip over old Awlgrip. Thorough wash and sand, then paint -  V good results on my boat.

I've done the same thing with Perfection on my dinghy, also come out great.
Is the new Awlgrip being painted onto the entire hull or just on scuffed areas?  If the latter, how do the old/new boundaries look?



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I'm curious as well. I did a large-ish patch job on old Awlgrip and went with solid tape lines because I wasn't sure of a reasonable way to feather the repair in. It never would have looked perfect because the new paint is super shiny and the old stuff is not, but it probably could have been blended better if I wasn't so worried about making the old stuff look worse.

I’ve been disappointed that I can’t sand/buff the scuffed awlgrip back to gloss  and am resigned to repanting the whole boat.  In spite of the Awlgrip tech rep’s gospel, I’ll chance applying new LPU paint over scrupulously prepared old.  I’m still hoping that there’s an LPU paint that is brushable AND can be sanded/buffed when scuffed.
In my experience, Awlgrip, while brushable,  can’t be sanded/buffed.
Awlcraft 2000 can’t be brushed but can be buffed.
What about Interlux Perfection?