Removing stains (rust?) on mast


Hello everyone,

I'm hoping you can give me some tips with regards to removing some stains/scratches on my mast.
One of them looks like it has been in rough contact with another metal while others look like it has been resting on something that has rusted. The area with rough contact has some areas where the anodizing has probably been removed but most of it looks a lot worse than it is and when running a hand over it you can't really feel the "scratches" (except the one at the bottom) and there are no dents, it just looks very dramatic.

I've been trying to find some tips and tricks with regards to masts since I'd rather not remove the anodizing.
Is there any substance that will remove the oxidized steel/iron but leave the oxidized aluminium alone?

Alternatively, would it be better to try to use a very gentle polish to try and get rid of some of the staining?

Any tips or tricks are greatly appreciated as usual, thank you all in advance!