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Republicans have hit rock bottom


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Why do Republicans so frequently lie? Can't they find something credible to complain about? Why make up shit?

How an urban myth about litter boxes in schools became a GOP talking point

Every school district that has been named by those 20 politicians said either to NBC News or in public statements that these claims are untrue.
This is too funny.
I don't wonder why American children would prefer to identify as a cat, seems preferable to identifying with any of these old white morons : )

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This guy's days in the GOP are numbered.



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I guess we should be thankful its not started with the Lords Prayer, but most ironic considering how many were involved in, gave tacit approval to, even tour guided on or around J 6.
The only thing these Polis show allegiance to is their growing bank balance.


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Harmeet Kaur Dhillon (3rd row down) raced with us some years ago on a Sydney 38 on SF Bay. She was a handy sailor and a pleasant person too.

I followed her FB posts in which she continuously railed against TFG as a deluded maniac. When, suddenly, he won the nomination, her posts changed to fawning admiration.

When he was elected, her posts were all about what a great man he was, and which fur coat to wear to the inauguration.

When I pointed out the dichotomy between her current and previous posts, I was summarily unfriended.

The hypocrisy is all-prevalent.

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