Republicans have hit rock bottom


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Gotta delete them texts from boy lovers Pronto!

I think you are all fucked when this sort of carry on gets passed.
New rules that allow Arizona's lawmakers to destroy emails after 90 days and delete text messages as quickly as they receive them are drawing criticism from Democrats and a public records watchdog.

Republicans in the Legislature approved the new rules along party lines this week, while also limiting debate time between lawmakers on the floor of the House to 30 minutes per bill. Each member could explain their rationale for making a vote for "up to three minutes," the rules state.

While limiting debate could constrain discussion about how proposed laws would affect Arizonans, destroying public records at a faster pace — or not retaining them at all — could leave the public in the dark about how elected officials are using their powers.

"There should be a constitutional right of access" to such records instead of a destruction policy, said Gregg Leslie, executive director of the First Amendment Clinic at Arizona State University's Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. "Those records have important information about the legislative business that's conducted. The public has a right to know what is there."

Under the new rules, emails in a House or Senate member's legislative account will be destroyed 90 days after they are sent or received. Calendars, text messages and "communications on online platforms" can be destroyed after the "reference value has been served," meaning anytime the lawmaker decides it's no longer needed."

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They want him to die. But, they lack the spine to stand up and speak up.

Journalist Reports Pro-MAGA GOP Insiders Secretly 'Can't Wait Until This Guy Dies'

“You have a lot of folks who are just wishing for [Trump’s] mortal demise,” former Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) told Coppins, according to his report in The Atlantic. “I want to be clear: I’m not in that camp. But I’ve heard from a lot of people who will go onstage and put on the red hat, and then give me a call the next day and say, ‘I can’t wait until this guy dies.’”

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That almost makes it sound like all the fascist scumbaggery the Republicunts are up to will suddenly stop when TFG croaks.

It won't - that's what they are now.

Yep, I've been say that since forever. The elk aren't going to suddenly bugle in unison, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.

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House Republicans are making Jamie Raskin remove the cap he has been wearing as he undergoes cancer treatments. I find this disgusting. I stand with Jamie Raskin, do you? .

Yeah, wearing a do-rag in Congress is horrible and terrible and intolerable. It's so-o disrespectful! Especially to people who have openly supported insurrection and threatened the lives of colleagues.


She's a serial criminal and a four-time loser on the GED test. She very well might be the best and brightest Republican. A few abortions might have clinched it but no proof, yet.
She must have airbags on her chest. They inflate and deflate constantly. She has to have about nine different sizes of bras.

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