Republicans have hit rock bottom


Will sail for food
I am incensed at this.

DeSantis had his opening rally in Iowa at a church.

“As a pastor, it tells me they value the Christian vote,” Jesse Newman, the pastor of Eternity Church, said in an interview, referring to the DeSantis team’s decision to begin campaigning at the church. In his own brief address to the crowd, Mr. Newman prayed for Mr. DeSantis’s family and urged the Lord’s intervention in the “fight against globalism and socialism.”

Help me out here. What kind of pastor prays for the Lord's intervention in the fight against socialism? What kind of Christianity are the Republican's aligned with? I guess all that stuff about loving neighbours, being kind and feeding the poor doesn't apply?

I describe my religious beliefs as 'devout atheist'. This illustrates to me what sham Christianity, and those who call themselves Christians that associate with Republicans, have become.

Religion has turned into a PAC.


Will sail for food

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