Retirement Locations that include Small Boat Opportunities


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Lake Champlain
Vermont is probably cheaper than SD, has tons of sailing on Lake Champlain. Yacht club membership is cheap, and downtown Burlington has the Community Sailing Center. Might be too much Winter for you.



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Eastern NC
Then you went to some kind of wrong place! Try Franklins:

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Southeast coast.  Charleston, Beaufort, Savanna, Hilton Head areas. Lots of sailing clubs and not too far from the Florida regatta scene. Of course you have to deal with hurricanes. If you have the resources one option is to have a small second home in the mountains or inland areas on a sailing lake as a getaway for the hurricanes.



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Charleston, SC
TX is high on my list.  Sounds like Dago is great, (except perhaps cost of living and potentially traffic on the roads).  I love Charleston and we have tons of small boat sailing in the SE in general.  Inland cost of living isn't bad, but compared to TX it's pretty high.  



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Hello anarchists of the small boat world. I currently live in San Diego and I'm on the search for cool retirement locales that will be fun, have opportunities for sailing, and allow my dollar to go farther than it goes in southern California. Wide open to suggestions. Many thanks.
Great lakes you will learn to sail much faster than you ever dreamed of in San Diego:




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Coast Guard friend of mine can't wait to retire and move back to Traverse City Michigan.   He was a chopper pilot stationed in Traverse City,  Puget Sound, Kodiak, and Juneau and wants to go back to Michigan for the sailing and diving.



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There aren't many places your dollar will go farther than in eastern North Carolina, and the sailing grounds are phenomenal.

Decent inland sailing near Raleigh as well, if you're not into going rural.
Way more sailing opportunities around Charlotte on Lake Norman (4 active yacht/boat clubs) than any lake near Raleigh. But both have a lot of light air months, and neither begin to compare to San Diego. 

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