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Something fairly perverse in my eyes about having flared topsides and a ram bow though... It would be interesting to know if there is anything more than cosmetics behind it.


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Unless one assembles on a beach or ramp, one would still need a dolly. 120 lbs is seriously heavy for a single person; with two people carrying a Reverso might be possible.



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Red Beard Sailing out MD is the US importer for this. I saw it last year at the Annapolis show, there was lots of interest in it. 



Assembled and almost rigged in 3 minutes. Awesome. It takes me longer to get the cover off of my boat and fold it :D


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Unless one assembles on a beach or ramp, one would still need a dolly. 120 lbs is seriously heavy for a single person; with two people carrying a Reverso might be possible.
The weight is in line with a Laser (an Aero weights half of that!). I don't think it's heavy, though yes, you want a small dolly to get it into the water. There's some folding mini-dollies for SUPs, if you can "anchor" one of those at a spot of the boat (ie: stern or bow) then you can roll it around. 

To be honest, I find it intriguing. I am lucky enough to have my dinghy in a club by a ramp, but it isn't a viable plan for everyone. 

I hope it does well, because it's different enough (from lasers, aeros, etc) that it'll mean it's reaching a different group of sailors. The pileup in the Laser/Aero/Melges14 segment is mostly zero-sum -- it's competition over a well known pool of sailors. 


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I think this is a great idea. For a lot of people, that barrier to owning a boat is where to keep it.... a boat that can be kept in a closet, and carried in a small hatchback, could be perfect for a lot potential sailors.

SIMPLER is one of the greatest design improvements, yet you never ever see any new boat boasting that.

QUICK TO RIG/UNRIG is another barrier to sailing that I think few sailors appreciate. Time is extremely valuable and most people nowadays don't have the leisure nor the attitude to take up a sport where an hours' prep time is considered "quick and easy." Taking three hours out of your day for a one-hour sail would be considered stupid as hell by most people I know that aren't already sailors.

I'm very lucky in that I don't have a storage issue (America is a big place, and I've staked a claim to enough of it to have room for a few more boats) but lots of people do. Not have to trailer a boat would be a plus, although I like the convenience of a trailer and I already have a few. Most people are appalled at the expense of a good trailer, and (that time thing again) resent the maintenance time (or don't do it at all).

So I hope this boat does well, it seems like an attempt to answer a real need.

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You need a pretty big "small hatchback" to put in a package that is 55" X 36". It might squeeze in the back of a Lexus RX350 with the back seats down, but that is a decent size SUV. . It also looks like you want two people to put it together, and you would definitely need help getting it to the water. You would likely need a dolly that you would need to squeeze into your car with the boat. It wouldn't be a simple as it all sounds.

I just don't ever recall thinking or saying "Gee, I wish this boat broke down into four pieces". No denying it is a clever idea, but it seems to address a problem that doesn't exist. 

If I were an investor, I would pass. Too small of a market.

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I can just see these being sold on eBay in a few years with only three of the four sections.