Revolution in Iran?


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Iranian security forces are targeting women at anti-regime protests with shotgun fire to their faces, breasts and genitals, according to interviews with medics across the country.

Doctors and nurses – treating demonstrators in secret to avoid arrest – said they first observed the practice after noticing that women often arrived with different wounds to men, who more commonly had shotgun pellets in their legs, buttocks and backs.

While an internet blackout has hidden much of the bloody crackdown on protesters, photos provided by medics to the Guardian showed devastating wounds all over their bodies from so-called birdshot pellets, which security forces have fired on people at close range. Some of the photos showed people with dozens of tiny “shot” balls lodged deep in their flesh.

The Guardian has spoken to 10 medical professionals who warned about the seriousness of the injuries that could leave hundreds of young Iranians with permanent damage. Shots to the eyes of women, men and children were particularly common, they said.

One physician from the central Isfahan province said he believed the authorities were targeting men and women in different ways “because they wanted to destroy the beauty of these women”.

“I treated a woman in her early 20s, who was shot in her genitals by two pellets. Ten other pellets were lodged in her inner thigh. These 10 pellets were easily removed, but those two pellets were a challenge, because they were wedged in between her urethra and vaginal opening,” the physician said. “There was a serious risk of vaginal infection, so I asked her to go to a trusted gynaecologist. She said she was protesting when a group of about 10 security agents circled around and shot her in her genitals and thighs.”

Traumatised by his experience, the physician – who like all medical professionals cited in this article spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals – said he had a hard time dealing with the stress and pain he witnessed.

“She could have been my own daughter.”

An X-ray image provided by an Iranian doctor of a skull showing pellets from a shotgun round.

An X-ray image provided by an Iranian doctor of a skull showing pellets from a shotgun round.

Some of the other medical professionals accused security forces, including the feared pro-regime Basij militia, of ignoring riot control practices, such as firing weapons at feet and legs to avoid damaging vital organs.

One doctor from Karaj, a city near Tehran, said security forces “shoot at the faces and private body parts of women because they have an inferiority complex. And they want to get rid of their sexual complexes by hurting these young people.”

The ministry of foreign affairs was approached to comment on the allegations made by the medics but has yet to respond.

Nationwide protests​

Activists say such horrific gender-based violence is no surprise given the misogynistic rule of Iran’s ayatollahs, who took power in the 1979 revolution and have maintained control with brute force, often against women.



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Where is John Bolton when you need him? Obama could take down Kaddafi, GWB could take down Saddam-same difference. It's time for Biden to step up. Blackouts happen in Ukraine due to Iranian drones, so blackouts in Iran are fair enough.


It is clear now, that the terrorist regime of Iran has been unable to quell the Iranian Revolution of 2022 that is in front of them. The crowds of protestors continue to increase, and the Iranian Army has remain mostly sided with The People of Iran. The Iranian elite have continued to export their families and their wealth, and the future of Iran is unstoppably, one of a Democratic Republic.

The People of Iran now begin to look at who will fill this growing power vacuum. In the mix are some of the most decent and brave Iranian men and women who have paid the price for their commitment to Iranian Freedom.

Some of these people are aligned (either through family or ideology) with the Mohammed Reza Shah. They have presented a reformulation of history that shows the Shah's rule not as a predatory one, but as a productive and safe one for the people. This is undoubtedly true for some, but history shows that the Shah's regime was marred by what Amnesty International described as "the highest rate of death penalties in the world, no valid system of civilian courts and a history of torture which is beyond belief. ... the total number of political prisoners has been reported at times throughout the year [1975] to be anything from 25,000 to 100,000"

Hopefully, the new, democratic rule in Iran will avoid authoritarianism of a different flavor than the current outgoing regime, and replace it with true social justice for all. And it seems likely, as the Iranian Revolution of 2022 is the world's first counter-revolution led by women.


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It seems unlikely for the terrorist regime to last far into 2023 though, the People of Iran have now seen that each concession of the regime (i.e. the headscarves in some cities) then leads to even more executions, tortures and arrests. The U.N. is slowly grinding into action, eventually assets will be frozen with specific deadlines, and the last of the elites will have no choice but to export what they have left of their luxuries while they still can, they'll see it as preferable to getting tossed into the same prisons in which they threw the dissenters. They'll end up in France, Britain and Australia ... not likely to end up in Canada or the USA this time, they have now been marked and identified; social media is their worst fear come true, it holds an accountability that they can't pay to shut down.
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Bit by bit the protest leaders have been silenced
History shows us repeatedly that the only remedy is violent rebellion


Big news ... no details on the name yet, if Iran even releases it ... but a "senior IRGC official" was "assassinated" in front of his home. No news yet from the sanctioned Iranian news sources, obviously. But I have seen this report in three separate in-Iran channels, it seems to be valid. If it's true, then this was the opening strike to the end. If the Iranian elite have to worry about getting killed in this war that they started, they are going to start shipping out the most difficult parts of their wealth that they can move, which will take a few months.

A government that is held accountable by the families of the people whom it kills and tortures, never lasts very long. They're going to step up their executions, and there are going to be more of these. The "protests" gave way to the "revolution" and now the "revolution" has given way to the "war." Apologies, the critical part of that Tok doesn't transfer to YouTube, it's in the comments section, but the discussion is on the other platform.



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Big news ... no details on the name yet, if Iran even releases it ... but a "senior IRGC official" was "assassinated" in front of his home.


They have some form.

The following is a list of alleged and confirmed assassinations reported to have been conducted by the State of Israel. It includes attempts on notable persons who were reported to have been specifically targeted by the various Israeli security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The list is too long to post here, so HERE IS THE LINK.
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