Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start


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The 805
i saw them flying around the start area at pre start. i wondered how that works. i hope the woman is ok !

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Spindrift does not have a great record...

This is an impressive but scary video of the prior Spindrift, a Mod 70 as she capsizes in 2013. Apparently same skipper in both incidents.



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The 805
Spindrift does not have a great record...

This is an impressive but scary video of the prior Spindrift, a Mod 70 as she capsizes in 2013. Apparently same skipper in both incidents.

at the start , in the background you could see them hauling ass off the wind , kinda show boating in the bay. i thought it was odd for the start of a big race.



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The sponsors are going to love this.

Nothing like a big blood stain on the water to bring those $$$ in .

A huge bloodstain slowly spreading in the sea near the canoe struck by the boat. After twenty minutes, a helicopter arrived and hoisted the victim, which looks very bad shape and was collected on board a boat of rescuers.

full story from Skuttle butt here




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South Coast, UK
Saint Philibert, 17 June 2015 – The trimaran Spindrift 2 was involved in an accident yesterday with a motor boat from the Volvo Ocean Race organisation.

While under reduced sail, Spindrift 2 was in collision with the rib which was crossing its path.

A person on board the motor boat was seriously injured. She received attention from the emergency services and was then transported to the Scorff hospital in Lorient.

Yann Guichard, skipper of Spindrift 2, said: « Above all else, we are concerned about the condition of the injured person. All our thoughts go out to her and to her family. The team has been deeply affected by the accident and naturally we are cooperating fully with the investigation that is underway. »

1. This is a terrible, terrible tragedy.

2. Spindrift 2 is going to be nailed to the wall on this. There is no excuse for the level of incompetence/disregard for safety they displayed. This year's "Captain Schettino Arrogance At Sea" Award winners.

3. Sailing Anarchy demanding "better-trained photo boat drivers". I would laugh, but not in these circumstances.

Mad- If this was a marshall boat policing the exclusion area (not a photo boat) as VOR and onboard reporter have said, and the incident took place inside this done by close to the start line, as both VOR and onboard reporters have said, then Spindrift 2 is going to be in deep shit.



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We don't know details yet. But I think it is a bit much to expect marshalls on a course for 65 foot monohulls to have intimate knowledge of what every vessel in the spectator fleet is capable of. If the spectator fleet for a 4ksb event was all F1 powerboats, AC72s and foiling kiteboards I wish Clean the best of luck in marshalling them, even with his immense knowledge of everything that floats.



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It looks like it's got the "security" flag, therefore it would have been responsible to keep the spectators in their areas.

Anyway, even if the RIB misjudged the closing speed of the tri, wouldn't it have been prudent for a machine as Spindrift to behave very, very carefully while being so close to many other, smaller, slower craft? You wouldn't speed with a race car in a paddock or at a spectator zone either.



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Flag color makes it clear that it was a security rib.

The marshaling rib driver is widely reported to be (very) experienced in this role

Crew consisted of father, mother, daughter and a friend. (Source is the son, scroll down, or some someone playing him on the Internet.)

Loss of limb is confirmed, loss of life seems to be averted - for the moment.

Dona Bertarelli was on Spindift (source) at the time of the accident.

Various reports say that Yann was driving but that is obviously not easy to confirm.

One of the larger questions is the details of the separation / exclusion zone set by the prefecture (local government) for the start area. Hard to find out when you don't speak french.

Once you have the details, did the accident happen within or without that zone.

Also: It is easy to conclude the investigation by shouting COLREGS!!! - Within the 12nm zone national regulations can supersede the colregs. Do such national rules exist in France, and if so are they applicable.

(There was some major Internet argument going on in Germany a while back when a Sunseeker Predator sliced and diced a windsurfer. Windsurfers are classed as toys in Germany and must keep clear of everyone else, OTOH that does not remove the overarching rule that everyone has to do everything possible to avoid collisions.)

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Instead of tooling around the spectator area, they should have anchored. Everyone could have gotten a good look at this craft, but no one would have gotten hurt.

from the photos it looks like the RIB was dead in the water,

and if it was a marshal boat, its job is to keep spectator boats

out of the start / race area. i.e. not a give-way function

if it was in position, + stationary or very slow, what the fuck was

spindrift doing sailing like that at the edge of the start / race area?

showing off?


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