RIB inflatable recommendations for Island Packet 380 ?


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Boat (Island Packet 380) came equipped with a pair of Kato standard "Islander" davits, rated capacity of 300 lbs each. In an ideal world, I'd like to go with the 'Ultralight' Highfield 310 rigged with Tohatsu 15, electric start, remote steering. At 370 lbs total rigged weight, the Kato davit on the motor end, taking the most load (guessing 250 lbs ?), would be within rated davit capacity.

Having said that, I worry 370 lbs would be too much strain on the boat railing that holds the davits (especially on the motor end davit).. so safest bet is to go with the “non rigged” version with 5 hp OB at 160 lbs total weight. But the 310 with remote steering and electric start 15hp OB sure would be a fun dinghy….so I wonder. Thoughts ?
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Can solidly recommend a separate mounting for the outboard to be stored on. (A few ways to do this.)
Eventually the weight of it and motion of sailing will fuck the davit.
You can have a block & tackle setup from the davit to shift the outboard from the tender to its bracket, and back, as required. Look around. I've seen plenty set up like this.
An extra task before using the tender, sure. But unless you have industrial grade davits, usually seen on much bigger boats, in time they will distort and fail if you leave the outboard on the tender.


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The time and effort you expend will very soon get boring and you will sell it and buy one with a simple tiller outboard. Don't ask me how I know.

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Boat (Island Packet 380) came equipped with a pair of Kato standard "Islander" davits,

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