RIP John Conser

Last week John Conser passed on in his sleep at home. He and Jeri were married for 59 years. John owned Windward Custom sails for many years and was well known for designing and building the Conser 30 and Conser 47 Catamarans.

Not only was John a great sailmaker and boat builder, but more importantly he was one of the best people you could know. He was a wonderful friend and I will miss him greatly, the sailing community has lost another of the really good ones.

Harry Pattison

He was willing to talk to a green kid with grand ideas about sailing. We talked catamarans in his shop with the really slinky looking C cat up in the rafters. Once he said he wondered how a hull designed more like a wedge would work, outlining it with his foot on the Newport Beach sand. Of course now, nearly 50 years later, what do we see in the latest designs..... Dave Ellis



Super Anarchist
Auckland, NZ
I had the distinct pleasure of being stopped, make that accosted by the Newport Beach marine coppers years ago as John was showing the full potential of one of his new cats  We were scooting along pretty good but our glory run came to an end when one of the rudders sheared off. John rounded up to retrieve it. From far astern the marine patrol came puttering up, all blue flashing lights and officialdom, to solemnly inform us we'd breached the harbour speed limit. Hey, we were already certain of that! John was all smiles and graciousness, acknowledged his sins, and they puttered off again. i lived on the wrong coast to see much of him over the years but every reunion was pure joy. What a wonderful guy.



As a kid one of the things that cemented my need to be a multihull sailor was a post-boat show ride on a Warrior 29 catamaran.  Thanks Mr. Conser, well done, fair winds.


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