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Well, its been a minute, but I'm the new owner of this boat (!) and thought it'd be fun to follow up a bit.

The keel bearings have been replaced with new CNC cut internally lubricated material and the various metal and fiberglass bits have been refreshed as needed.

New NKE electronics have been added so we have direct access on-mast to Leeway calcs.

Have just ordered a "marine grade" (we'll test that...) linear actuator to drive the drum. It only needs to spin a few degrees each way, and this is a much simpler, lighter and easier way to run it than all the previous rigging. In theory.

As we get things up and running more I'll report back on what we learn as relates to actual usage and VMG. Lucky to have a team of nerds and data lovers.

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Looks like a heap of fun on the data side Techdef, wish you every success with it. What are you feeding all the NKE sensors to? Ie: an overarching software app or just to the pilot/displays?


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Crappy iPhone shot from video. We were going high 12’s. They were going maybe 15 plus.



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I remember when Rampant was just wet over at NEB. I helped Ross do a bunch of last minute rigging. Sweet ride!

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