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Made my day discovering these





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I had no idea such a sport existed. Probably get's their adrenaline pumping.

I've been out on Lake Erie in smallish powerboats in some sporty conditions, but not quite like that.
15' wahler, north winds, Main channel into Waukegan harbor.. That stuff was epic as a 12 yo. Club Had a 18' Novurania with a 65 on the back that i taught in later in my misspent youth. Man that was something... :)


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Is thisse what alle RWNJ werre yealleng aboute befoire the ellections? They juste usseng the Frech worde for red?

veni vidi vici

Omne quod audimus est opinio, non res. Omnia videm
I do believe you've posted a non sequitur. Or maybe not. 'sup with those?
artificial reefs and wave attenuators,
a company based in West Virginia has a contract with Florida and the DOT . They can cast and pull after 5 hours but they are only doing a cast and pull every 24 hours. They come in two sizes.
These will be going along the Skyway bridge causeway with some out in the bay.


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Be nice to know just where on the ship this occurred
On the side, where the windows are.



"a day before the accident, another passenger was seriously injured during a Zodiac boat excursion.

"It was a real loud, it was a boom, and I flew up in the air, and the passenger across from me flew up in the air. She came down and hit hard," Pam Trusdale said.

Tom Trusdale said he and another passenger were able to quickly pull the man back on the boat, but the woman's leg was severely injured.

"She said, 'I hurt my legs. I can't feel my leg,'" Pam Trusdale said. " And then I could hear her kind of straining that, you know, I could tell that she was in a lot of pain."

"Following a detailed diagnosis by the ship's medical team, the decision was taken for the ship to immediately sail to Ushuaia so that the guest could receive additional medical care from a shore-based hospital,"

< she had surgery there so a bad break I'm guessing. Older woman pax = brittle bones

My Prediction: In the next 10 years we will lose a cruise ship or have a serious accident in the Arctic or Antarctica with major loss of life. Probably on one of the smaller ex-Russian ships.

Still much more likely in the south due to lack of anything like SAR resources within reach. These cruise ships aren't quite the maritime equivalent of the guides pulling you up Everest nor as risky, but are much more risky than a "typical" cruise in warmer, more well travelled waters.

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