RORC Caribbean 600 2021


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"The effects of varying tack position for the small non-overlapping staysail and its cut-down variant (Ssmall-nol and Ssmall-NOL-)- These are the smallest staysails tested in this study yet they produce the largest increases in driving force at deep apparent wind angles, up to a 17% increase at 90" AWA. This is due to the sail's improved flow over the mainsail and through the slot. It was actually found to be beneficial to leave a small gap between the leech of the staysail and the mast, as the accelerated flow through this gap seemed to be the driver for re-attaching the flow on the leeward side of the mainsail."

This is describing a small non overlapping cut down staysail tacked to windward is most effective at the deepest angles... 

From what I can tell from WW's photos. In light air they are carrying it on CL and as the breeze increases they are tacking it out to weather...



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Orcas Island
In all of the photos so far, they are carrying either a Code (technically a kite) or a kite, so it seems the GS is then a SS and can be carried to windward, yes?  


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