Roy Moore 3rd rail?

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Seriously, Dog (man, that feels like I am Randy Jackson), it puzzles me why you stake out something like this to make an issue. 

If others were to dodge a question, I believe you might give them shit for doing so. It makes you look like you prefer to be evasive. 

You are on record as to finding Moore “unfit”, prior to the RNC and President Trump endorsing him. 

Why not just say “I disagree with the RNC and their endorsement of Moore” and be done with it?


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That question is answered in my commentary. And BTW, You're the one who tells me that the topic is Moore and to stick to it....Lemming.
As the RNC has not taken the action when you made the commentary, the answer is not there. The topic is Moore and his support. Hence my question, which you seem oddly afraid of answering: Do you disagree with the RNC's action reinstating their support for Moore?



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So, Moore met his wife when she was 17. They waited until she graduated from highschool and were married. They have been married for 30 plus years.

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You have the floor Dog. Here's your Norman Rockwell moment.



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OK. So moving beyond your personal squabble with Sol, do you disagree with the RNC's action reinstating their support for Moore?
Given what I have said about Moore's candidacy what do you fucking think? Does my opinion as expressed in the forum comport with the RNC,s?  Why the fuck are you even asking?
Because you are pretty much always willing to go to the mat for Party over Country? That's why we'd ask.

It's not an unreasonable question.


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A few friends have shared the RNC backing Moore did it for them.  They are turning away from the party they've supported for decades.
Good for them. Hopefully it's more sincere than all the Trumpsters here that were "done with him" after the Pussy Grabbing bit.


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