Roy Moore 3rd rail?


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Yep stupid move to back MOORE. My point was Trump had nothing to do with Moore losing and turning the state slightly Blue He supported Strange and if Strange had been the candidate Jones loses by 15 points. 
He supported Strange until he supported Moore.


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franz said:
 Alabamastan is sending a message to those fuckers in DC
The real threat is Alabama will now have to suffer through 6 years of being represented by a Rat.  They might get to liking it.


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1. So God rejected Moore, chose Jones? Right?

2. Trump winning cleared his transgressions, many say. So Moore losing is a judgement of guilt. Right?


Mark K

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Sen. McConnell's former CoS:

 I think that's the nut of it. The big loser is Bannon. One of the commentators on the Tee Vee commented that if you gathered together all the R consultants a year ago and tasked them with finding a way to lose one of the senate seats from AL they would have been at a loss, but Steve Bannon found a way to do it.... 

  Bannon fought Trump to get Moore in over Strange, and then encouraged Trump to fight for Moore. Bannon stepped on a lot of OG toes on the way up. In show biz them's the peeps ya gotta deal with on your way down. I expect they are sharpening their shivs in preparation for welcoming him back to the ol' cell block.   


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What? All those  White Republicans couldn't get their extended cab dualies to the polling places because Negro Democrats were blocking the intersections in their lowered 1977 Cadillac El Dorados, with the Leopard print shag carpet on the front and rear dash boards?
I meant the Washington kind, not the Panhandle kind.



Well having a child molester get within 2% of winning is no great thing for Alabama :rolleyes:
It's a big deal that Jones won, I think it is a great thing for 'Bama. I don't know if this necessarily indicates the first step in a shift in their politics, but if that state continues to prosper, then maybe?

I love Alabama, the folks there do pretty well with each other. Yeah, it took a bunch of very bad Republican politics to let this happen, but it did happen. And if Jones can do some difficult political work and bring development and some pork into the state (even with 30% of the efficacy of Senator Shelby who is a development heavyweight) then he'll keep the job.

Things change, I'm bullish on Bama.


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