rudder post corrosion


As you can see, it appears that I have some corrosion on the rudder post.  Three years ago, I replaced the bearings with Jeffa bearings and glued an aluminum sleeve (the rudder post is aluminum) onto the post to create the exact tolerances for the roller bearing.  The rudder post is connected to the pedestal via a draglink arm.  I replaced one of the rod ends and checked to make sure that I did not get any resistance across it.

I just dropped the rudder to check on it before launching and the picture is what I found.  The paint on the rudder is copper based paint but I did not paint the area around the rudder post and the boat had copper based paint on it without any evidence of corrosion on the original rudder post itself.  I took the delrin washer and used 5200 to attach it to the top of the rudder so that may provide a bit more isolation.

I am considering attaching a cable to the rudder head which pops up through the cockpit floor and hanging an anode over the side.  Any reason not to do this?  thanks!