Sad Man Sold His Olson 25 — Pls Help Me Find Another Sled


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I would put another vote in for the Martin 242; small sail inventory (main, jib, kite), furling headsail, races with 3-4 people, camping interior with portipoti.



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Seems like a very clean merit in Phoenix area:

That boat looks great, especially for that price. 
It does look good.

I've visited Lake Pleasant and there are lots of little boats there in the yard. Not sure how they launch. Never saw a hoist and the Ramps are very steep. The people running the private marina were not very friendly. Horrible access for me in a wheelchair and they did not seem to give a shit even though I was considering moving closer to my son and bringing my boat out there.

It is a big lake and very beautiful but in the summer it is F'ng hot. Check the deck out for sun damage to the gelcoat.


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Thanks for all of the great ideas. Some more thoughts:

- I have a dry/trailer spot at my club and 25 is the limit on length, for now. 

- Monohull

- I have a near new Tohatsu 6hp long shaft to put to use, so outboard makes the most sense. 

- Prefer to have a designed spot for a porta-potty. 

- I'd put a furling jib on the next boat, as it will be singlehanded regularly.

Again, I know the O25 checked all my boxes. I imagine a Merit 25 would work well. As would others. 

Thanks again for the brainstorm.
Express 27, SC 27, and L28 are all good suggestions - except for the OP's 25 ft LOA limit.


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OneWorldSailing said:
Had a chance to sail one a couple of years ago in Punta Gorda, FL. There is a reason this little boat was one of Olin Stepehen's favorite designs. It flies when the wind gets over 10 knots and is built to take you just about anywhere you want to go. Since then, I have been looking for one in decent shape. The Richmond boat is priced fair considering its condition and sail inventory. Too bad it would cost a mint to move it to FL.
how much does a borrowing a pickup and a trailer really cost?  i know gas is a little high, but not that expensive..



Bull 7000? They rare as hens teeth as they are so fast you can’t catch them.