Sad news, Paul Elvstrom passed away

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Every time I perceive a way to gain a sneaky advantage, a smiling Danish imp taps me on the shoulder. And reminds me of this truth.

"If, in winning the race, you lose the respect of your have lost everything" (paraphrased, I'm sure)



This is how I'll remember Paul



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I still have Elvstrom Speaks and Illustrated Dinghy and Keelboat Technique on my bookshelf. The latter is IMO the best book ever written on small boat sailing. He inspired me as a 12 year old and to this day 46 years later. He became a big multihull fan so I hope you are foiling an A-Class in heaven Paul!


The Commodore

A figure like Mr. Elvstrom may depart our world but somehow if anyone in our sport will achieve eternal life it is he.

Thank you for teaching us all the most important of rules sir.


Bob Perry

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About three years after I opened my office I left a couple of sailing chums to babysit the place while I went out. When I cam back they said there had been one phone call from a ,,,,Paul Elvstrom. No, they did not get his number.

I went bat shit crazy all afternoon trying to get Paul Elvstrom on the phone. I was not successful. I did not think it was funny at all.



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I too will proudly stand in the line of his worshippers.

Thanks for sharing the picture of him sailing with his daughter on the Tornado. As I recall he was extremely proud of that team.

My foggy recollection of him was an old photo of him in the day when Finns were sailed with soaked sweaters .

Also was aboard his uber cool half tonner design. Looked like a big Soling with a flush deck and only trench cockpits on either side.

He was THE man.



Hoopy Frood
Saquo-Pilia Hensha
Another great one passes. He was the consummate competitor. I learned to sail in a class he won the Olympics in, the Firefly dinghy. I still have a copy of "Elvstom explains the Yacht Racing Rules", with the little plastic boats on the inside jacket sleeve, (almost got into a fist fight with a frenchman who fouled us in the Star class, when I pulled the plastic boats out to demonstrate his stupidity!)

"Winning is no victory if, in doing so, you lose the respect of your competitors."

Sail on Paul, may the winds always be at your back and may the seas remain calm.


Presuming Ed

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London, UK
The MAN.

He won the 2-man dinghy Olympics in 1948 by outlasting all the other boats in screaming winds in the last race. He was 18, spoke no English, but sure could sail..
Sad to hear.

Pedant point - it was the singlehanded class. Fireflies were being used, as the only boat being t were even remotely suitable. Boats were supplied organisers.



For the next games, in Helsinki, Finland, they designed a singlehanded - the Finn.



George Hackett

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on behalf of the sailing community here in the Philippines, our Condolences goes out to the family. personally, he is the greatest! sorry Ben. i grew up with Paul as my idol and like many out there, i have learned a lot from this Gentleman. may you have fair winds always.