Sail or Bail?


yeah, but i like people's comments!
Well I hope you like this one...

Sail, Bail, or TAIL! ™   No one rides for free.



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I'm with KIS: in at 20k. And they might find a buyer up around 30k or a touch more. But when the numbers rise above that you getting closer to things like Express 37 territory. AT 92k I could buy a nice Express 37 (there's one available in the SF area now) and some new sails...

Edit: I'm kind of out even at 20k after reading the description on the boat's site.  "Xxxxxxx xxxxxx was totally repainted with all grip inside and out..." First, I just can't bring myself to repeat that horrid name. Second, "all grip"??
Yep - it's like when I see an ad for a motorcycle that says it has great breaks.  I just can't take the person seriously about anything after that.



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Bail.  It's like buying a home that someone dumped a lot of money into the landscaping.  You don't get that back.  Bathrooms and kitchens, yes, some ROI.  Boats and landscaping, no.

That said, it would sell for more than my longstanding 'used boats are a great deal in good condition at $1k per foot for 25'+ boats.  $40K and she'll move in a heartbeat.

Until then, BAIL.


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I'd feel so much better about the deal if she were sitting in a more slutty posture. Frickin' knees clamped tightly together: deal breaker!

Look, there's no doubt this boat is the Cock of the Walk, but that is definitely a crack pipe asking price. Rule of thumb with boats, cars, houses... If you want something tricked out, buy someone else's labor of love; you never get out of a custom job anywhere near what you put into it.

And that name... fuck! Just fuck.



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Bail...they're banking on the popularity and relative rarity, esp. in Bristol. I'm going to guess they get $56K. Price is Right rules anyone?



Why do people dump on a great boat with a fun name at a full price.  I doubt any of the commenters has accomplished any thing close to this cool.  Lighten up folks, or show us your ride.



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Wow, once again this place shows it's class. The Ed tries to be funny/relevant and the minions pile on with derogatory/sexist comments to what is an amazing rebuild of a classic boat. I wonder how many of you knob heads have actually gone in and worked on your own boats to the extent that these people did? 

Assholes like SE and CS just show what they are with their posts. Total lack of respect and if I see you guys in person I'll certainly give you the works since I know who you are. 

This boat will be bought by someone who appreciates what it is and what it can do. I'm involved in the sale and I guarantee it will be going to a great new owner.



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I wonder how many of you knob heads have actually gone in and worked on your own boats to the extent that these people did? 
Lovely boat, but I didn't know that throwing a cheque book at professionals counts as working on your own boat. 

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  I'm involved in the sale and I guarantee I'll collect good commission for bitchin onya.
Yah, follow the $$$.

I'll hazard a guess youre a big part of the owners thinking they'll hit payola off all the upgrade$ yer $old em.   ;)

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