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Sail TV had full races of the Monsoon cup up at somepoint. Now all I can find are the highlight reels, anyone know where I can find the full races? or any other clips of full races for that matter.



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You want to watch the third match of the semi final between Minoprio and Gilmour

Potentially the coverage contract was only for live match coverage - highlights/replays may be seperately contracted for showing via different media


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Go to

on the right hand side of the screen under MORE CHANNELS is Monsoon Cup 2010. Open that and choose which race you want to see.

Many of the races are there in full. Some great coverage - esp with Andy Green on the back of the boats with both skippers wired to mics.

A good way to spend lunch times watching all of them.

BTW - sometimes you have to be quick to get the match you wat going before the default stuff starts, you may need to refresh to get away from the press conference that is showing.


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