Saildrive and Honda 12hp

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Current project came with a sail drive and honda 12 HP. They looked bad and had not run for years so I've mentally figured they were a write off when I purchase the boat. After cleaning everything up, the sail drive looked better then expected - no electrolysis but prop is frozen. Engine has not run in 5+ year.

Anyone got a case for trying to fix the things or is it totaled, looks aside?

Any salvage value?

I'm not a wrench so all advice is most welcome.



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OB mechanic should be able to get powerhead running, if it wasn't dunked before sitting 5 years. Frozen drive may or may not be a problem. If water got in it, it could be a pile of rust inside. That is likely the case, but IMO it's worth paying a mechanic to look it over and give a thumbs up or thumbs down. It's not an ideal rig, having all the worst features of outboards, sail drives, and 2-stroke gas, but if you can get it running for less than the cost of a used OB you're probably ahead.

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If it runs it might be a decent setup. Is it 2-stroke or 4-stroke? We have a 9.9hp Honda saildrive. 4-stroke. Started right up after sitting for a year. Runs like a top. Very quite and very smooth. It is likely all Honda inside the saildrive so the parts are readily available. Our only issue has been the shift linkage coming loose and stripping the reverse gear, but the motor itself runs great. This was a year 2000 installation.