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So back in the days there was, and to some extent still is,  the idea that sailing isn't a sport, because it doesn't require real fitness. Obviously especially dinghy sailors knew that this wasn't really the case, although the training that was required to be an Olympic champion in the 60s probably pales to today's standards. 

I feel that there still is a bit of the old stigma, that sailors need to prove that they're athletes and I think this is bad for the sport, Especially in the new foiling cats and many offshore boats, where instead of seeing and improving potential design flaws that would make the sailing easier, you kind of embrace the idea of having a super fit crew. In box rule boats, this is probably harder to fix 

...And also would I want to hear stories about past champions who were super unfit and lived very unhealthy, just for nostalgia......

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Listen, it's really simple, no matter what type of boat you're on, and no matter what type of sailing you do, you're going to do better if you're fit.



ESPN body issue 2012 - Anna Tunnicliff. 



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Wasn't really against fitness per se. Post partly inspired by the ESS GC32, which is not really suited for short courses and partly the AC which uses olympic class sailors as oil pumping grinders 



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Take a walk down the docks on the morning of a race and you'll quickly come to the conclusion that fitness and athleticism aren't high on the list of crew attributes. Agreed, it doesn't hurt, but I think the majority of participants would have a tough time pumping fifty pushups ( I know I would) or turning in 39 inch vertical leaps. I would go so far as to say that, like golf, a lot of people who would never get chosen for pickup basketball or flag football are attracted to the sport because of that. 



I moved to a town on the water a few years back. I knew I'd found my place when I saw this rag-tag bunch of kids running. Wind and sun blasted faces, hair all over the place, sun-glasses on, no socks, crappy running shoes, zero running gear, and moving slow. It was the high school sailing team out for a training run. State champs that year. 

Wish I'd been that motivated when i was their age. My exercise regime consisted of hacky sacking (verb?) and a hiking my laser flat like a mother-fucker on long windward legs. 



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I love the Belushi Donut commercial.....

since it was first shown.

In the 70's

All honesty,

since I retired from gainful employment and started boat racing again, I do spend 60 to 90 minutes per day on the Nordic Track, the exercycle, weight bench, walking, or a combination of these.

It helps........



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Ime am goode, my twenney to pushups and walke three milles adaye,

Bicke to, nowe wethres goode.

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