Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24


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James Franco does crazy very well.



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I've set a couple of Google Alerts up for Rimas.  I want to be the first to know when they find Rimas' limbless torso on a beach, rolling around in the surge with his eyes being pecked out by seagulls. 



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SailBlueH2O said:
That being to set Clean (I assume that is the pictured proposed victim) adrift in a Craigslist 4ksb and see how the kontiki gods smile on him?

For the movie I'm more in the Anthony Hopkins camp. Although the recent suggestion of Benigni has potential...



Technically, this is the 'how not to sail thread'.
This is the perfect.

On other news, it's funny how some people are saying, "gee, how sad." And it is sad. But having read a good chunk of this thread (or at least parts throughout), I can also say with certainty that Rimas' demise is alot like my uncle eventually getting a DUI. By the end he was cruising for it so hard that it was like he wanted it, and I'm mostly just relieved he didn't hurt anybody else in the process.

If anything, the fact that he acted so foolishly so many times and lived, while so many good, smart people who genuinely want to stay alive die every day through sheer bad luck, is a reminder of how cruel the world can be.

I won't say good riddance, but Rimas, you finally got what you spent so long asking for.



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I'm with you, part of me says he is shark shit, part says he will show up like he always seems to.  He didn't earn the aquatic cockroach badge for nothing.  After a few more weeks of no contact I'll hoist one in honor of our hero.
yep I'll have one with you but lets let the smoke clear before we claim its a kill.


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