Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24


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Scott should buy him the next boat. The click throughs Scott has sold off Rimas alone, could finance a new TP52. 
In 2015 I googled San Juan boats, looking for more information on the 21.   I found this place through the Rimas.  

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Has he returned to Seattle?



Do the ladyes still fancy him with all the good wishes and kisses under his posts? I was banned from his fb looong ago...

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Looks like Rimas has grown roots in Hawaii. Saw in FB thaT HE HAS A NICE PLACE ALL NEWLY FURNISHED and says he gets over $2000 a month and is happy as a clam.
2K a month in Hawaii plus we've spent additional hundreds of thousands on his med and eye care. Is he even a citizen? I just can't grok the care we've given this nutcase considering the homeless situation with honest hard working folks on the street, sick, dying, and broke/n.



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Gladly Rimas Meleshyus blocked me on FB since he's been messaging me, in a very sophisticated hustlery manner, in order to get me to buy him a boat. He even tried a trick where he says he will buy YOU a boat... but what he means is YOU buy HIM a boat. Once he realizes you're not buying him a boat, he will bloque you on feisbuk. Those who knew Rimas Meleshyus well, including myself, can say with confidence, the man, at least in his 30s and 40s was an absolute gigolo and a hustler living off money of his multiple women and his so-called useful "friends" never giving anything back.


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P.S. Rimas used to write snail mail letters to his friends, those who were feeding him at restaurants, paid his rent, bought him clothes, etc. and he once bragged that his Japanese Hawaiian g/f gave him $4000 to fly to Thailand, where he was having fun with the local pros while his naive g/f thought Rimas was just talking walks off beaten path. And so we donated Rimas money, bought him multiple boats, spent money salvaging him in harbors and the Coast Guard risked their lives for Rimas, but has Rimas ever give anything back?