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A description of Lying Awake I found online sounds promising:

Lying Awake is a beautifully written, quality children's picture book with delightful watercolor illustrations, for ages six to adult. It features the special combination of a read-aloud bedtime story, activities, and several pages of educational information about life on a boat, and little-known facts about the marine life in the story. Waiting for sleep in her cozy bunk, eight-year-old Lanie listens to the sounds both inside the boat and outside in the marina, and relives her adventures with Grandfather out on the tide flats. Readers are treated to the sensory experience of what you see, smell, and hear on a boat in a marina, and to the rhythm and peacefulness of a boat rocking back and forth at the dock. The activities in Lying Awake include a recipe, and three secret signal flag messages for the reader to decode. These messages provide a few details not found elsewhere in the book.

And a few short reviews on Amazon:



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Not a book, but Moana seems to be working very well for my daughter. She brings her Heart of Tafiti necklace onto the boat 

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Night Race to Kawau, by Tessa Duder

More for the 9yo but it’ll whet their appetite for yachts, racing and night passages - and build some some strong sailing sense into them. The hero is a young girl who your G-kid(s) will identify with who has to cope with the aftermath when the kite goes wrong in the dark. Great adventure story, empowered kids who take on responsibility, and excellent sailing detail as well.

Nothing would betray it’s 35years old and it courses the NZ Americas Cup waters.


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The Tommy the Tugboat series by DoraThatcher.

Getting dated and damn near collector items now, but the little kids will love being read to, and the chapter stories are lovely with their innocent underdog-saving-the-day adventures, and well written for reading aloud.



After thinking about my youth. My favorite of all time was Royce's Sailing Illustrated. I still remember every page.



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The Gorge
I have a book called Sea Fever by K. M. Peyton that matches that description.
That might be it, thanks.  It has been a very long time...

This other book by the same author rings a few bells too


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After thinking about my youth. My favorite of all time was Royce's Sailing Illustrated. I still remember every page.
I still have my old copy, ca. 1970, which has been soaked and dried more than once. Love his drawings.

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