sailing competition for 2009


Super Anarchist
hi everybody,

my team and i are looking for a race calendar for 2009 in order to schedule some good races and get some good practice. we now have a schedule until april/may in holland (as we are still planning, there is room for other races as well), after which there is little competitive racing in holland untill end of the season. we sail a swan42 and are looking for boats that can give a stiff competition and would like to train or race every week or every two weeks.

preferably we'll be looking for UK regatta's (cowes e.g.), but northern europe (germany, denmark or sweden) is also fine.

does anybody know/have a link to a racing calendar, or to nice races? we like to do as much races as possible for training purposes so if you know something, send me the date and if possible a weblink.

thanks in advance.