Sailing in Vietnam?


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I'm looking to find out if there's any racing going on in Vietnam. I'm going to be moving there shortly and I'd love to continue to sail there. Anyone here know anything?
Corsair Trimarans are made there now- check the following two threads-

Might as well go over to the dark side if you are going that far anyways. Good luck and have fun.



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There are some Government sponsored initiatives to encourage sailing amongst local youth (other Asian countries have been very successful at youth level in clases like the Oppie) and as a draw for tourists. These are not yet particularly advanced as far as I know. I don't believe there is a marina yet in the country. I have visited Mui Neh (3hrs from HCMC) - I understand there is some kite surfing there, we didn't see any but it looked like it would be a good spot in terms.

Vietnam quite spread out and unless you were located very close to a centre it would probbaly be easier to get your fix outside the country. Hong Kong has by far the most active sailing scene in Asia (2hr flight from Ha Noi) for example Asian Sportsboats. Singapore is a similar flight time from HCMC. Plenty of cruising oppotunities in Thailand and regular racing out of Pattaya - sample regional regatta thread Koh Samui

Have fun in Vietnam, it's my favourite country in Asia.



I'm looking to find out if there's any racing going on in Vietnam. I'm going to be moving there shortly and I'd love to continue to sail there. Anyone here know anything?
The biggest mover on the sailing scene there would be Steve Thomson from Tboats. He has a successful boatyard and is active in promoting regattas. Try Saigon Yacht Club, they have a busy program and I'm thinking of joining them for a weekend of racing soon.



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For good OD on some arguably good (arguably not) boats, you can go race the platus in the 4 leg championship at Pattaya; 10-16 boats all the same, plodding around at the ultra high speeds of 7.5 knots in a blow!


Each month, there's fun racing, in a variety of boats. Platus for the most part don't sail except in their championship, as most of the crews in the championship tend to be visitors, not locals.

Easy low cost flight, and normally can line up someone driving down to pick you up at the airpotr and even drop you off.

Great Thai regattas:

- Kings Cup Dec (ok, well great according to the media, great if you are on a big boat)

- Phang Nga Bay Feb

- Top of the Gulf April/may (my favourite in terms of wind most fo the time )

- Samui June (best in scenery and flat out boozing/fun for those who drink (i.e. not me anymore)

- Raceweek July (great winds and sailing, I've never actually done it myself, but I hear awesome things)

Also, in the OD category, the biggest fleet right now would be probably the SB3s in Singapore, again whether this is your cup of tea of not; certainly there are some very talented sailors in the fleet there. There is also a J24 scene, or there was, in Singapore, again regarding whether you want to sail this sort of boat, that's a personal decision - I have had an American guy rave to me about them and insist that it was a wonderful challenging boat to race on; having never sailed on any of these beasts (I have only ever raced on dinghies, windsurfers and 2 keelboat classes only existing in NZ/Aussie prior to sailing 1 sportsboat - never have sailed another one) I can't comment.

Getting to SIngapore would also be cheap. Provided you don't spend your whole time at the four floors of er stores. Singapore has a lot of shopping. Especially if you are in the mood for a late night dose of the clap at overpriced rates. better stick to sailing methinks.

HK has a great flourishing keelboat scene, apparently with the big guns, plus some OD classes emerging including the Flying Tiger I think, the J80 which is some sort of keelboat sportboat, the Magic 25 which is a trapeze sportboat and probably the usual J24s, Etchells and so on that make HK famous.

Vietnam itself, has few boats pottering around; great kiting and windsurfing scene, whiel Gimmee comments regarding Thommo's vast success in the area, I think it may be another year or two prior to a real sailing scene developing similar to the other places I've listed; is the marina actually built and full of boats yet? i heard it is beautiful there, so I would imagine it may not happen today, but it will happen - the Rachel Hunter approach to development.

Actually windsurfing and kiting are big in all these countries.

I can hook you up with the splatu guys here in Thailand; Jambalaya I think is patr of the growing SB3 scene in SIngapore.



There is a round of the World Match Racing Tour in Nha Trang later this year?.....but I guess that's not much use to you if you are looking to get on the water.

There were Sunsail boats at Nha Trang for a few years, but they disappeared just before I went to book one! Again....not much use to you. Alan, who runs the beach cats in Nha Trang swears he will have a marina and a charter operation running out of there in a few years time......

That's the goss from the central coast...can't help you with other bits I'm afraid



Welcome to Asia U.S.

In addition to the above there's November's Raja Muda regatta racing up the Malaysian west coast 3rd week November, the Manila-Boracay (or Subic-Boracay... just a little bit of politics there) Valentine's Day-ish followed immediately by the Boracay Cup. (There are anarchistics that know more than me about things Filippino - on and off the water! - so I'll leave details and gossip to them).

There's the bi-annual China Sea Race out of HK, the HK-Vietnam race that I think has been alluded to.

There's the Singapore Straits regatta January, whose saving grace is its inclusion in the regional Lipton Cup series, and there are moves to create an equatorial regatta in Indonesia based out of Nongsa Point Marina (short ferry ride from Singapore) in Feb.

Keep us all posted on Vietnamese developments... there'll be folk arriving from all over as and when a decent keelboat regatta properly gets underway. In the meantime... check out the budget airlines and catch you at a regatta bar soon!



I remember a regatta we held on the Perfume River. During the seige at Khe Sanh.

Fuck Vietnam!
Okay, what the heck. I'll ask the question.

What does the Perfume River have to do with the siege at Khe Sanh?

They aren't even in the same Province.

It's also unlikely anyone could have traveled to the river during the siege as the Battle of Hue was taking place at the same time.

Not that you would have lived very long sailing around on the river even after the city was secured.

Just curious.


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