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IMSYC open 2008

On friday 22 feb we invite you to sail the IMSYC open. This is a race where you also get to choose boat type. The boats are designed after the IMSYC rule by MSc students studying Naval architecture at KTH in Stockholm. The boat performances are at display

A "choose-right-boat" fleet race from Rome to Tripoli. Note that once you have chosen boat there is no changing boat. Link to performance plots for all boats can be found on the front page (in the blog).

Race start: Feb 22nd 17:00

Race status: Practice sailing. Race starts 22/02-17.00UTC. Currently 97 boats registered.



Super Anarchist
My wife got tired of me doing it (not that, you sick bastards, the online game) after only one race and i am going to have to get a portable she doesn't know about and keep it out in the shed.


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