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The only caveat is it has to be an older one before they (like so many others) bowed to the 'consumer need' for full standing headroom for seven footers. The newer ones just look too top heavy and out of scale. But reliable as hell and a nice seaworthy hull.



If I were to be in the market I'd be looking for 2 types of boats:

1. Something to bob out on the lake with the family for the day, in which case it's a twin screw 24-26' Pursuit Walk-around

2. Something old school with classic lines, in which case it's a wooden Lyman in the 20-24' range.



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I'd honestly rather have a Parker dual console than the Melges. Both will be gas hogs though. 

For me the perfect sailor's powerboat would be one of John Atkin's Ninigrets. You'd have build it or have someone do it for you though. 





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Grady White center console 
I had a G-W and it was a fantastic boat until I was out the day after Christmas and the engine put a rod through the block :angry:

This thread is utterly worthless without a price range and desired use for the boat.

Just FYI, I have one sailboat, one RIB, and one Boston Whaler.

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You do not give much in the way of anything. Soooo, There are only two ways to power a boat. An inboard diesel, or an OBM ( outboard motor ) you can afford to throw away, if it blows up. At the bottom of the range. A 14 foot aluminium boat with high sides and a 10 to 25 hp OBM. A 19 foot with a small cuddy cabin with an OBM to suit. A 34 / 36  Hinkley picnic boat like Martha Stewart bought. Or the same style of hull set up for cruising. Don't forget the rubber ducky. Everyone needs a rubber ducky. And a 9 1/2 foot kayak.

At the Vancouver boat show was a 675 hp OBM. Do not buy one of those.

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