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Assuming you have deep pockets, these are beautiful, very classic and made by a famous British yacht builder (their yachts are also used in James Bond films).


But as slug zitski says, seagull poo could cause issues!

If you have even deeper pockets, they're also building these:




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Any sailboat with an inboard Diesel engine and either a feathering or folding prop.

If I wanted to waterski behind a sailboat I'd get an E-scow. ;-)
Or a c-lcass or better yet D class catamaran. I have a picture of that going on in my copy of Twiname's book, Start to Win.



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Swallow Yachts have been around for a while, they are doing some fantastic sailboats, too, that's where they started. The Coast 250 is essentially a motorsailor, but in fact one of the best sailboats I can think of, great looking as well, in my view. 

Looks like a sailboat for powerboaters in the powerboat for sailors thread.


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At least, I hope the engine is still good. Only a couple hundred hours on it and it was overheating. I replaced the water pump and checked the thermostat and then handed it to a shop. They're dismantling the power head to see what's in the cooling passages. The answer should damn well be nothing. I'll probably learn what the answer actually is this week.
You have checked the impeller, right?
Yes, as I was installing the whole new water pump, I did inspect the new impeller and shaft seals. They were fine. It pumped water fine. And overheated. The old one was actually OK when I removed it, but it was several years old.

When I last spoke to the shop a couple of weeks ago, they were waiting on a part which was in transit.

I haven't heard from them. Still waiting and wondering. I'd like to use that boat to watch the crazy Watertribers do the Everglades Challenge. That's a week away.



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If you are a sailor who has experience in rivers or transiting areas such as the Thousand Islands in Ontario think about this;

Over the last couple of years I have been seeing a lot of people checking out various rivers.  Some of these cruises are mundane and a few have some spectacular sights.   They also have small marinas where you can plan to tie up.  This allows for a break and a couple nights at a hotel.  Almost always there is one within walking distance.  With the advent of Lyft and Uber getting supplies and your laundry done has never been easier.  

I have two picks that you should check out. 

The smaller used Ranger Tugs

Ranger Tugs with a Beam of 8' 6"

The link is of the new boat site.  Just look at or your favorite site to find a used Ranger tug.  If you have a Ranger Tug with a 8' 6" beam this allows towing without an over width permit.  If using a contractor that makes this load MUCH easier and cheaper to deliver.  This can radically increase the number of hotshot drivers available to move your boat and / or trailer.  ( Keep in mind) In this market your load can only be late there is not a gulf stream to speed the truck up after a delay. Boats that are over 8' 6" beam are going to cost you many more peso's to deliver or pick up.   I have seen ready to go used Ranger tugs at the $60k price point.  You can buy it and do your cruising while having the ability to get rid of it at a great price very easily.

You should research this internet provider of shipping services.  They match you with an owner operator or small company with paid drivers who have experience delivering boats or other loads. 


The idea is to have your boat delivered to a marina that will launch and tie your boat up at a dock or mooring.  Then your trailer is delivered to your destination by the same driver or back home if your home is your destination. You fly in and are off on your trip. 

Contract with Uship to have your trailer picked up and retrieve your boat that is parked at a marina. 

This is not a perfect procedure and you need to have the pesos available to deal with expenses. However if you are looking for a true "Sailors Powerboat" take a look at a Ranger Tug 23' to 27' that has an 8'6" beam. 

The Great Loop - Great Loop - Only one idea for a big river adventure.


(The Great Loop has a bridge clearance requirement of 19’6” in the Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal or a 17’0” clearance through downtown Chicago. The “triangle loop” has a bridge clearance requirement of 17’0” and the Erie Canal to its western terminus into Lake Erie requires a 15’0” clearance.)

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