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I have decided that it is time to look into salopettes as I would like to stay as comfortable and dry as possible.

Spoke to the Team XXX rep after the Mac race and she told me that Musto makes them and they would not be available until OCT at $600 ish plus tax. I am not excited about the price.

Found a pair on line and I need some input if you have an opinion. Would this MPX have Goretex without it labeled as such?

I have a feeling these are 3 generations old and I might be sweating..  Useful input welcome.  Sail Safe!




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I’m not sure when Musto first started using Goretex, but it’s at least 30 years old, if not far older. The actual material was developed in the 60’s.

The biggest issue with buying used gear is the seams can be damaged from folding and thermal cycling. Also, the durable water repellant coating on the outside breaks down over time.

It’s generally better to go new. I’m not sure about stock, but I’m pretty sure these were in stock in the store in various sizes last week:

Boat show specials are generally the best time of year to buy.

I would look at Mustang, Musto and North in that order for top-spec gear. Having handled all three recently, my suspicion is actual fabric and garments are all coming from the same factory in China. I could be wrong, and maybe North has a better outer layer (tighter weave) and the bonded high-wear patches sound intriguing, but I go with what fits and best bang for the buck. In the latter category, right now I think it’s hard to beat Mustang.

The Isotak 2 and Ocean line from Zhik are also worth a look.

Finally, I have a pair of Gill OS1 salopettes with 2000+ ocean miles, still nice and dry, only downsides are weight (they are bulky compared to modern MPX etc.) and fit (I’m in-between their medium and large, opted for the large which is generally OK).



Depends on your size, but I have a brand new pair of Musto Salopettes XL in Black I would be willing to let go for a considerable discount.

I have sailed in the  Musto LPX version on a two year stint from the Pacific Northwest to New Zealand and then around New Zealand on more sporatic trips for another two years.. The LPX version trades off longevity for excellent freedom of movement, flexibility, and super low weight. I hardly know that I have them on and they have been the most waterproof and breathable fabric that I have yet encountered. We are on a very wet boat and sail at speeds up to 20kn and I can be continuously drenched on the foredeck managing the furlers on the prod, they are an excellent product. Just be prepared to replace them in 2-4 years of heavy usage.