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Not sure how far you're from Lake Lanier, GA, but you should definitely get a ride on one of the FT10s for the last of the FT winter series on April 5-6. Sailing a weekend as a crew in one of the FT10s will be well worth a year of trial and errors by yourself... :)

See the bottom of this article for contact info:
How many FT10M you guys got out there?

Today while doing my 6.5 mile pedal on my handcycle, I cruise by the harbor and our crazy Russian is launching his FT10M.

Wet Wednesdays started in Channel Islands Harbor and I think he is getting the boat ready. This should be interesting as the boat has sat for some time and he is one of those types.

He may be willing to sell if you have interest and a fleet.



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Great idea for going to Lanier, it is only a couple hours east of Wheeler Lake but unfortunately I am not free that weekend. I will check it out for future opportunities. Meanwhile, we should have some great sailing this spring.



tiger stem plate.JPG High guys, a serious Tiger problem in Western Australia.

Tiger Shark sailing in moderate conditions lost her mast on Saturday.

The forestay tang from the stem broke at deck level, just where the bend back is.

The stainless steel strip should have been 6 times stronger than the forestay, if the metal was rotten then it would be expected to break where the hole is above the bend.

The break shows a third good metal where recently sheared, the inboard side show a crystalline

stucture and long term corrosion.

It is my belief that the bend was installed with a hammer and vice, there was no attention to a vital bend radius (1.5 x thickness metal),

it might have been over bent and then bent back a bit. It could well have been bent with the 'grain' too.

All owners should carefully inspect the inside of their bends for any sign of a crack just in case they badly bent ten of them in the

same batch, Tiger Shark is around No 70 I believe. You may need to dig out a bit of bog to see it.

Happily Phil had just installed a mast hinge and that broke, saving the mast and deck maybe, but sails are destroyed with spreaders, gooseneck etc so the damage is significant.

I have now sold Panthera to Ken Waller, in Port Geographe, Western Australia to be called "Lets Dance" ,

Saying goodbye to a great boat is sad, but he will sail her better than I did! however will stay in contact.

Best wishes to all Tiger owners. Jaymac



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Hello to all. This is my first post.

We started last and did well upwind but I learned that asymmetries are bad news dead down wind in 2 kts. It was my first experience with an asymmetric and all the other boats flew symmetrics.

I the second race, we had very strong winds and were overpowered flying the kite on the first down wind leg.
Strong winds it is like shooting fish in a barrel, light winds can be a challenge but when it gets sub 5 knots, an asym should be very competitive against sym kites; it is that transition sub planning strength semi planing threshold that is an asym nightmare (around 8-12 knots depending on the boat).

Apologies if this is too basic, but we used to struggle in this breeze, once I figured it out, we used to do pretty well against most of the boats up to 40/45 feet downwind in the really light stuff - even masthead sym kite boats - it's all about keeping the boat moving, and then grabbing depth when you can.

So to do this, good trimming, kite slightly folding over on the leading edge making sure it's not overtrimmed, minimize body movement, and anything that will detach flow; this means no crew moving around, weight well forward and to leeward so the boat is slightly rolled to leeward, steer as needed in every puff to get depth then as the sail starts to ever so slightly depower, you steer back up, it is like sailing in a series of scallops; the sym kite boats (in 2 knots) will be doing roughly the same thing, but you will be much quicker if you are running a bit masthead runner. On a Shaw 650 we have a much longer prod so the jib doesn't interfere with the kite much, not sure how the 7.5 goes. Loads of communication between trimmer and helm, we would be having a constant discussion on pressure in the sheet, any increase in pressure is a chance to drive the boat for depth; every little wave or puff and down you go, then back up again.

If the kite starts stalling, then helm and kite trimmer are working together, bring the boat up, sheet on, get flow attached, then start going back into depth mode.

In every jibe, put a nice big roll onto the boat, and roll gibe the boat (I know the 7.5 is pretty heavy, but the best you can); steer hot out with leeward heel gradually flattening the boat out, get flow attached using this power, everyone in position, then start scalloping down again for depth.

Not the best video, but shows the concept of gybe, power the boat up, then come away.

As a guide, you should be sailing on apparent, I know the heavy sportsboats like yours are not so easy to do this with compared to the skiff style sportsboats, but the FT7.5 has a big enough rig I would presume you can still generate apparent with it; if in doubt, ignore where you are supposed to go, and steer up and keep the boat moving.

If you need to roll a bigger boat, always strap on and go over the top, never try to sail under them, it never works.

Surprisingly, in big breeze, a kite is always easier than without, the jibes are far simpler. While it's good to protect your gear, the way to go is always run the big gear, windward drops or gybe drops (windwards are easier) with the helm going really deep to allow the kite to be pulled around the forestay, drop fairly early; you have such an unfair advantage in breeze anyhow, so no need to blow it by going below the bottom mark....

Have fun, it's a great boat.

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It's always nice to promote and show off boats that are still relevant, but dumping it on an FT7.5 seems like a sucker punch.

Had a great time on FT10 080 this weekend at the Chicago NOOD. No One Design so we raced in PHRF 2. Thanks Bob Perry for such a cool boat to play on!


PHRF 2 1. USA 80 China Buffet FT 10 Team All U Can Eat 1 1 1 1 1 2 8 15.0 2. USA 18188 Gauntlet Benetti 44 Guy Hiestand 4 2 5 3 2 1 3 20.0 3. USA 43851 Standard Deviation Tripp 33 Carl Hanssen 3 5 3 4 5 3 1 24.0 4. USA 50399 Mrs Jones Mumm 36 Michael Jones 2 3 2 2 4 5 6 24.0 5. USA 32776 Touch Of Grey J 35 Larry Schell 8 6 4 8 6 6 2 40.0 6. USA 11508 MASKWA C&C 115 Donald Waller 7 4 6 5 9 4 7 42.0 7. USA 53026 Measure For Measure Morgan 36 N/M Brian Tobin 6 7 7 10 7 7 5 49.0 8. USA 42934 Whisper Express 34 Thomas Barnes 5 8 8 6 8 8 9 52.0 9. USA 32851 Bozo Circus J 35 Bruce Metcalf 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 7 3 9 4 59.0 10. USA 51395 Sea Raider C&C 110 Dirk Kruger 9 9 12/DNF 9 10 12/DNF 12/DNS 73.0 11. USA 93036 PainKiller Mumm 36 Joel Carroll 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 12/DNC 84.0

Where was georgie peorgie?
George P was at the helm of the boat, as he owns it. He's a knowledgeable skilled sailor. Keeps us in more than adequate sails, food & beer. The other guys have been sailing with him for 13+ years. This is only the 7th year I've been sailing with him. As you age I'm sure you'll realize it takes all kinds to make a world and people who own boats and actually show up and put their boats on the line are important in sailboat racing. Peace LH!


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Holy shit this is hilarious. My only memory of that boat is from after a finish at last years verve. I looked over and the crew is getting the kite down and this fat fuck in the back was screaming at them in like 3 knots of breeze. This was after the finish mind you and GP wasn't listed as the owner because I specifically looked to see if he was sailing before agreeing to do the regatta. Now he's hiding as "team all u can eat" so people won't know it's him... and won't know that they'll eat less after he throws their sandwiches overboard.

I distinctly remember categorizing that guy as an asshole but had no idea it was George at the time. Ahhhh how prophesies fulfill themselves....

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