SC50 Chasch Mer Auction 7/16

Moore Play

How the worm does turn... At least once, or maybe twice I was hauled out at Ala Wai Marine when Chasch Mer was being prepped for a TransPac. I'm not sure as to how her results show up in the results as she changed names according to who was sponsoring her, but she was or at least appeared to be well maintained at that time. I remember following her progress in the races and believe she always placed well in her class. I would like to believe her bones are still sound, but heck the boats I was working on at the time, are mostly broken and gone. 10 - 12 years is a lifetime in boat years I guess. I'm also curious as to when the sugar scoop was added to the stern as I do not remember it the last time I saw her up. These older warhorses deserve and still earn respect. I hope whomever acquired her brings her back to some semblance of her former glory.