Scottish series


Great to hear it’s going ahead. I did 4 Scottish Series back in the noughties. Great event and a really good opener to the sailing season. 
The weather tended to be tricky. I remember a big park up outside Tarbert when the Gourock and Bangor feeder races all parked up within sight of the line. 
also remember running downwind in light airs with a boat sailing towards us with the kite up also.



I’ve done the Scottish Series every year since 2002. I’m glad it’s back on this year in some form, but we couldn’t take the chance when they initially canned it 3-4 weeks from the first race.

There’s a lot of admin involved in getting a boat and all the crew to the middle of nowhere in Scotland, plus accommodation etc, so for us it was better to divert to another event that we know will be on and have good racing.


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