SeaCart 30s in NorCal

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Looks like TF10 benches bolted on. Smart.

The beauty (and performance) of the seacart 30 has always been its simplicity and lack of weight. Looks like they added sturdy foot rails between the front and back beams as well as benches.

How much weight have they added? What’s the performance increase of the benches vs adding lighter c-foils?

I guess the main factor here is comfort. You would be fire-hosed less on the benches compared to sitting on the hull and the seats look comfy.

AClass USA 230

Good luck with getting a high performance offshore multihull fleet going. I love the Sea Carts, it was my dream tri for a while but now I want to performance cruise so ended up with a Dragonfly 32. Are the Carts in NorCal using rudder winglets? That was one of the only design deficiencies on the boat to me because the early Sea Carts looked very nose down pitch wise. I’ve raced against Cliff Farrah’s Sea Cart (on a friend’s Dragonfly 25) during the last year and it seems pretty up to date. Cliff has Randy Smyth working with him on optimizing the boat. We raced against a Sea Cart at the Heineken regatta a few times in St. Maarten. I was on a GB66 and the Cart looked fun but a bit on the wet side in big waves and wind. I think I’d only want to do day racing on a Cart, it seems a bit spartan for overnight racing if you want to go off watch for some zzz’s.
The flickr album link to see the 2022 sfbaySSS Vallejo 1-2 pics, Sunday, October 16,
more monohulls than multihulls = LINK =>

The Sunday start was off Vallejo.
The Sunday finish was off the Richmond Yacht Club, later in the Flickr album

Seacart 30 Bottle Rocket, starting area exit mode down the Mare Island Strait, Vallejo, towards San Francisco Bay.

Instrument Readings => TWS 7.2 BSP 8.2, Latitude and Longitude too small to read.


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